Ad Network

The Click Asia Ad network consists of major portals and quality destination sites for diverse audiences.

Our publishers are comprised of top-tier and specialty sites, providing tremendous reach across the region.
Campaigns can run on our network focusing on areas of interest, demographics, or specific sites.

Our network allows advertisers to deploy, track, and report on multiple campaigns on websites in Asia, making Click Asia the only one-stop-shop for online media in Asia.

Ad Network

For Advertisers

The Click Asia Ad Network is a leading digital ad network targeting Asia. With over 2,900 high quality Asia focused websites, and the ability to reach over 76.1 million people each month, Click Asia makes it easy for advertisers and agencies to reach their target audience in high quality digital environments.

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, or to generate direct sales, Expat Digital has a solution to meet your needs. With over 14 targeted vertical channels, high quality content, and multiple ad formats accepted, Expat Digital is fast becoming the ad network of choice for advertisers and agencies targeting expats.

Access an online audience of more than 76.1 million individilals globally.

Top quality websites allow you to be confident that your ads are running on quality content.

Reach your desired audience by targeting content, demographic and environment.

Optimize your campaign by creative, website, frequency and users to ensure your campaign drives the best possible ROI.

Centralized reporting 
Monitor the progress of your campaign 24/7 through our Adrenaline dashboard.

Full Service: 
Dedicated Account Manager to set up and manage your campaign for maximum results.

AdEx Asia AdNetwork For Publishers

Expat Digital partners with quality publishers to deliver successful online campaigns and build longstanding relationships with advertisers.

Our goal in working with our publisher partners is to:
Make it easy for you to monetize your unsold inventory Marketing
Connect you to quality advertisers in ways that do not conflict with your existing sales efforts

Maximize your revenue opportunities
Our dedicated sales teams are experts in selling digital media, and have relationships with leading brand
advertisers and agencies. This allows us to access larger campaigns as well as higher CPM rates for you.
We also offer CPC.

Maintain full control over your inventory
We provide detailed insertion orders in advance of campaigns, and give you the right to reject any campaign for any reason at any time. You have full visibility and control over your inventory through our online Publisher Dashboard – for example, through our publisher redirect option, continue to monetize any inventory that Expat Digital does not use via your own sales force or through other networks (e.g., Google AdSense) and keep 100% of this revenue.

No riskWe provide purely additive revenue for your unused inventory, and we do not allow advertisers to buy or view results by individual sites or ad spots in order to eliminate any sales conflict. We work with you on a revenue share basis (60% of net revenue to publisher), there is no upfront cost, and we guarantee payment. You may immediately leave the network at any time for any reason.
Just 5 easy steps to join and start monetizing:


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  1. Assign ad positions to Expat Digital Network
  2. Install the ad serving tags – and Expat Digital Network begins monetizing your inventory!
  3. Monitor results and control your inventory
  4. Track your revenue and get paid monthly.

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