Advertisers FAQ

Advertisers FAQ

What is a ‘Network channel’?
Admax Network links hundreds of websites together through one simple platform, making it extremely easy for advertisers to reach their target audience across the web in environments that are relevant to their brand. Each website in our network is categorized into different ‘Channels’ depending on the content of the site, such as Travel or Business, giving the ‘Business Channel’, ‘Travel channel’ and so on. Hence a ‘channel’ is simply a categorization of the different content environments in the network.

What does a network provide that an individual publisher doesn’t?
Networks provide access to hundreds of digital environments through a single contact point, resulting in diversified reach. Most individual publishers can only access a handful of sites at most, limiting their true reach. In addition, the Network platform can optimize across media based on real time performance, giving greater flexibility and control over your campaign performance.

Can we buy the inventory direct from the publishers?
Advertisers can always contact each individual publisher for specific inventory. However contacting each site individually is extremely time consuming, and will often also cost more than accessing that very same inventory via the Network. In addition, buying direct will remove the optimization, targeting, and reporting abilities that networks provide.

What is optimization, and how does it work?
Optimization is simply the ability to shift impressions from one site to another as the campaign is in progress, based on which ad positions are meeting your campaign objectives. If ‘position A’ is not generating the results required, we simply shift those impressions into which ad positions are meeting your targets. This greatly reduces wastage, and increases the ROI for your campaign. Optimization can be based on reach, number of clicks, CTR, or even by acquisition.

How many Creatives can I submit and can you provide creative optimization?
We can also optimize based on Creative, allowing advertisers to submit up to 3 creatives at a time. We will automatically rotate your Ads and optimize to the creative that is performing the best based on your objectives.

Can I see where my ads are appearing?
Admax provides full visibility into the sites that contribute to our network, so you can be confident in the quality of the environments in which your ad will be seen. However, once the campaign launches, there is no guarantee that you ads will appear on every single site in the network. Various factors such as inventory availability and also the optimization process will affect exactly where your ads run, so we are unable to tell you each and every site where your ads will appear. We do however provide screenshots of a sample of the websites so you can see how your ad looks in a select number of network positions.

How can I be sure that my ads are running next to quality content?
All publishers in our network must pass a strict quality review before they are accepted into the network. Our Media Development team individually hand picks sites and ad positions based on their relevance, reviews the content on the site, and approves them only if the content is of highest quality and relevance to that channel. This can be seen by simply taking a look at our site list, where you will see only well respected, top ranking publishers.

Can I select the sites I want my ads to run on?
No. For our network channel product to truly deliver the results you require, advertisers must allow the network platform to optimize the campaign based on real time results. Every campaign will achieve different results on different websites which you cannot predict. Pre-selecting websites will essentially remove the ability to optimize based on real time results. For optimum performance, advertisers should run on the entire network or channel, and let the real time results decide which environments the ads should be shown in.

Can I opt out of certain sites?
If an advertiser believes certain sites in the network will provide some type of conflict with other marketing efforts, or to be unsuitable for their brand, they can request that certain sites are removed from the channel. However this is very rare, due to Admax’s strict publisher quality requirements. In addition, opting out of sites is not recommended as it reduces the effect of the optimization process, and therefore can negatively impact results.

Can Admax create a “custom channel”?
Yes. We can combine multiple individual channels into one, optimizing across the entire channel set, in effect creating a custom channel. Individual sites however cannot be selected to create a channel. Each channel has been created based on various factors to ensure the best results are achieved for our clients. Breaking channels up can reduce the effectiveness of the campaign.

Can you guarantee a certain share of voice?
‘Share of Voice’ (SOV) does not exist in a channel environment. For SOV to exist, an advertiser must hold a certain share of all impressions on a particular web page. The nature of a network means that no individual website will get the same share of impressions allocated to them, and that share can also change as the campaign runs based on optimization. Therefore, SOV is not actually present in a network; hence it cannot be guaranteed. If you want a guaranteed share of voice, we recommend an ad spot buy on one of our single sites.

Do you provide screenshots for each ad?
See question 6. Due to the scale and reach a network provides, it is impossible to provide screenshots for each individual ad position. We do however provide screenshots for a select number of sites to show how the ad looks in the network environment.

Do you provide reporting by individual site?
The network works by combining the strengths of multiple sites into a single channel, where the combined strengths provide the advertiser with stronger results than buying on any individual site. The performance of the entire channel is the key, not the performance of a single site in the network. Therefore we do not report by site. The advertiser buys on the network to leverage the benefits that a channel provides, and in turn, we report by channel.

In addition, the optimization process dictates that any ad positions not meeting your goals will be optimized out. Therefore you do not need to worry about how each site performs – you just need to look at how the channel performs as a whole.

What is the difference between Run of Network, and Run of Channel?
Run of Network (RON) will send your ad across all sites in the network, regardless of the channel categorization. Run of Channel (ROC) will send your ad into highly targeted environments such as business or travel. RON is great for achieving mass reach, whereas ROC is great for targeting specific environments that are relevant for your brand message. RON is priced lower than ROC as it is less targeted.

How do you provide reports?
The Admax Advertiser Dashboard provides visibility for both agency and client into the full campaign performance. Your secure login provides access to data such as total impressions delivered, total unique IPs reached, and other performance metrics such as clicks and conversions. You can access this information 24/7, meaning you don’t have to wait for a weekly report to be submitted – you can access your reporting as and when you need it.

Do you accept 3rd party ad serving / tracking?
Yes. We accept 3rd party ad serving from all major ad serving technologies. Please check with your Admax Account Manager to confirm if we will accept your specific tags.
*NOTE: Third party ad serving is NOT accepted on the Admax Gaming channel.

Do you have a minimum spend?
From our experience, it is difficult to achieve strong results with less than 2million impressions per campaign. In order to ensure we achieve the results you require, we do not run campaigns for less than 2million impressions.

How do you Price you Network channels? Can we do CPC? Do you charge a management fee?
We price on CPM. No management fees are charged, you purely pay the cost of the media.

What level of targeting can you provide?
We provide contextual targeting, demographic targeting, and also targeting by time, day, frequency and location.

What makes Admax different from other networks?
Admax differentiates itself around 6 key aspects

1 Environment
We deliver your ad in relevant environments, across hundreds of quality publishers. We do not run your ad in generic, ‘remnant’ inventory.

2 Quality
Content, publishers, and service.

3 Visibility
We provide open site lists, and give 24/7 access to campaign reports via our advertiser dashboard.

4 Reach
More reach across local content sites than any other network. More reach into certain verticals than the top specialist sites and the leading regional portals.

5 People
We believe that our people are our most important asset. We invest in the development of our people, and ensure they are motivated and incentivized to provide our clients with the highest level of service and support.

6 Experience
Admax knows Southeast Asia like no one else. We have been in the market since 2002, and understand how local audiences behave, and how to get the best out of local inventory. We are the Southeast Asian experts.