Publisher FAQ

Publisher FAQ

What is Admax Network?
Admax Network specializes in digital advertising. We have a network of leading and specialty content websites that spans across Southeast Asia. Our network is composed of high-quality content-based ad locations from good quality websites that Admax aggregates, categorizes, and sells to Advertisers by Channel. For example, our Business Channel is composed of ad locations from various sites or sections of sites with business-related content. The benefit for publishers is that this allows them to better monetize ad locations that they previously may have had difficulty selling; the benefit for advertisers is access to a focused audience (by content) while still having broad reach across many sites and more unique users.

What is an Advertising Network?
A network representing various websites or publishers in selling advertising, allowing media buyers to reach diverse audiences typically through run-of-channel and run-of-network buys.

What is a Channel?
A Channel can also be referred to as a “Category” or “Vertical”. It is a group of ad locations from a number of websites that has a similar audience or type of content (e.g., Youth, Business), and that is sold by Admax as a group, not by individual ad locations or sites.

How different is Admax network from a media/advertising agency?
Admax Network sells online media space in behalf of its network publishers while a media agency works directly for an advertiser, or for an advertising agency, engaged in purchasing advertising space. What that means is that while an agency tries to get the best discounts and lowest prices for its client’s media buys, Admax tries to get the best prices for the publishers we represent. Also, while agencies will buy any media from any publisher, Admax only sells for publishers that we represent – we do not do media “buying”.

How does Admax set prices?
Admax sets price to maximize and optimize revenue. We intend to sell primarily on CPM basis with gross rates expected to be USD2-5 CPM. If there is excess inventory and a good campaign at a lower CPM, or possibly CPC/A, we may consider this option in order to maximize revenue. Admax publishers can reject any advertising for any reason, including price or pricing model.

What is CPM?
CPM is an acronym for Cost Per Mil, with M standing for Mil, a symbol for thousand. It means the cost of producing one thousand impressions giving the publisher a fixed dollar amount each time 1,000 ad views are shown on their website.

What is CPC?
CPC is an acronym for Cost Per Click. Typically, this refers to an advertising campaign where the advertiser pays only for each click on the advertisement.

What is the revenue share I get from Admax Network?
We pay publishers on a revenue share model. Members get 60% of the net revenue generated from their ad locations, which typically would mean the amount after any applicable agency discount.

What is an agency discount?
It is a discount, normally equal to 15%, that is offered to advertising agencies that place an order on behalf of their clients. This discount is considered an industry standard practice in most countries given the larger media buy volumes that advertising agencies generate.

When will I be paid?
We pay publishers 90 days after each just-ended month of accrued payments (minimum payment of US$50.00). For example, if a campaign runs from March 15 to April 15, Admax will pay the publisher for March 15-31 90 days after March 31 i.e., June 30; and then pay for April 1-15 90 days after April 30 i.e., July 31. We guarantee timely payment even in the case of client cancellation or nonpayment.

What kind of ad locations would be best for inclusion in Admax Network?
Above-the-scroll or ad location at the top of the page is ideal. We prefer high-impact ad locations that are visible and in the upper fold so that visitors do not have to scroll down the page to view the ad.

What creative ad units do you support?
We currently offer the following IAB standard ad units:
• 728 x 90 Leaderboard
• 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper
• 120 x 600 Skyscraper
• 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle
• 468 x 60 Full Banner

What is IAB?
“IAB stands for Interactive Advertising Bureau ( which represents over 300 leading interactive companies that actively engage in and support the sale of interactive advertising. IAB Ad Unit Guidelines provide publishers with a framework for advertising inventory and web page design. The goal is to reduce and simplify the amount of work for agencies that may be faced with having to create several assets of a similar size for different publishers.” Source:

What if I don’t have any ad units in those IAB sizes?
Publishers have the option to resize their existing ad properties according to IAB standards. Another alternative is to create a new ad unit that will fit our ad criteria.

Can I still sell into the ad location I committed to Admax Network?
Yes. We provide our publishers with great flexibility in order to maximize their revenue potentials, including allowing them to use and manage default impressions, such as by implementing their own paid ads.

What is a “default impression” and how would I be able to use it?
Admax defines default impressions as those impressions not used by Admax for paid advertisements. We give publishers the ability to manage and use these default impressions through an online Publisher Dashboard, whereby publishers can upload and change creatives (e.g., if they wish to change the default house banner for that ad location) or upload a script that can redirect default impressions to their own adserver and thereby allow for their own-sold ads to be served and managed, or for them to monetize through other networks (e.g., Google Adsense).

Which are the other websites in the Admax Network?
We believe there is strength in numbers and in advertising, diversity is another key. We are partners with top ranking websites in country and/or category in the SEA region. These publishers are known for their good reputation and site performance.

Will I be working with competing websites?
Being in our network does not mean that you are working directly or being associated closely with competing websites because Admax presents Channels as a unique product to clients — sold on Run-of-Channel or Run-of-Network campaign basis only. Hence, advertisers can only buy the Channel and cannot select individual spots or websites.

How are ads distributed within a Channel?
Our adserving technology automatically begins distributing ads within a channel based on how much traffic each ad location receives as a proportion of the traffic for the entire channel. We then “optimize” the campaign to shift impressions to ad positions that are producing better results. This means that initially, more heavily trafficked ad locations will initially get a greater number of ads delivered to them, but as the campaign progresses it is the better performing ad positions that will see more ads.

How does Admax count visitor traffic and ads served?
Admax’s adserving technology enables us to track and audit various statistics, including ads served, clicks, and CTR. The tracking and counting from our technology has been fully tested and matches leading 3rd party tracking technology (e.g., Google Analytics, Stat Counter, Max Media). Please note that we count an ad as being served based once it is fully loaded, not merely when a web page has a “hit”.

How can I track sales statistics?
Admax gives each publisher a login and password to access our online Publisher Dashboard in order to view running and pending campaigns and corresponding statistics.

Does Admax offer any guaranteed revenue?
No. We do not offer revenue guarantees or targets, though we do give publishers the flexibility to continue selling the ad locations they commit to Reach Network (and keep 100% of this revenue) so there is no “cost” to being in our network. Our objective is to maximize ad sales revenue for websites in our network, and we only do well if the websites do well.

What happens if I want to leave Admax Network?
There is no commitment to remain a member and you can pull out your ad locations for any reason at any time as long as you give us written notice of such.

What are requirements in applying to be a publisher of Admax Network?
Sites that carry a greater proportion of original content versus links and advertising.
Relevant, updated, quality content on both site in general and particularly on specific page where there is ad position.

Ad positions must be on high-impact location — above-the-scroll, preferably

Ad positions must be one of the following IAB standard banner sizes:
o 728 x 90
o 300 x 250
o 120 x 600
o 160 x 600
o 468 x 60

Website must have its own domain

The site cannot contain illegal or inappropriate content (e.g., adult, gambling, tobacco, alcohol), nor information that may constitute infringement or otherwise violate the privacy other rights of a third party.