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AdMax Asia is committed to getting advertisers on high-profile, well-established online content websites. These sites are typically defined as the digital properties of “red brick” media companies with extensive offline brands moving to online and elite digital-only publishers.

As more networks attempt to position themselves as having a premier offering, few are able to deliver on the promise of offering consistently high-quality content from the top websites. AdMax Asia deals with both brand and direct response advertisers who wish to attract high-end consumers. By working with established online content media owners, AdMax Asia is able to deliver users who are more likely to engage with the content, stay online longer, conduct diverse transactions and more likely to interact with advertisers. With this ethos, the AdMax Asia Digital Premier network is a much safer environment for an advertiser and its agency, especially an advertiser with a particularly strong brand.

The AdMax Asia Premier network also focuses intensely on accountability, managing client expectations (and therefore results) and becoming a partner rather than just a vendor. We understand that working with global blue chip advertisers and leading agencies on brand campaigns is very different then executing direct response campaigns for lead-generation businesses; that’s why we have the AdMax Asia Target network offering which is more direct response orientated. AdMax Asia Premier will always look to deliver the advertiser a more balanced campaign ensuring that both the user experience and the advertiser brand are not affected in anyway. This ensures that campaigns are delivered in full and on time, to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

AdMax Asia prides itself on providing superior customer service to publishers and advertisers who use the Premier ad network service. This includes cultivating above average customer relationships, facilitating open and effective communication and above all – being there to help in any way. It also means being proactive with feedback and intelligence, reporting and analysis either by automatic report generation / delivery or allowing the publisher / agency to log in and monitor campaigns themselves. It also means having the staff to support the service.

Inventory on the AdMax Asia Premier network will never come from other networks or exchanges. All inventory is derived from maintaining a direct relationship with the publishers themselves.