How it works

How it Works

Admax aggregates publisher inventory across hundreds of quality websites, and group these into content-based Channels. We then sell these Channels to advertisers on a Run of Channel (ROC) or Run of Network (RON) basis.

Advertisers like our Channels for the following reasons:

Admax makes it easy for advertisers to media plan/buy, run campaigns, and get accurate tracking and reporting Marketing

Admax provides a mass audience that is also targeted.

Quality Environment
Advertisers trust their brands with our network given the quality inventory, transparent site list, and engaged audience.

We focus on delivering successful campaigns by improving campaign performance with optimization.

Through working with our publisher partners, we deliver superior value to advertisers, leading to more and repeat business – meaning more monetization for you!

Certified Inventory

Trust is earned.

Admax Network gives you the confidence to display your brand in our network by certifying all our inventory is brand- safe, relevant and transparent.

Our local media specialists hand-vet every single website and webpage before awarding a publisher with Admax Inventory Certification. Our team also routinely monitors our inventory to ensure ongoing compliance.

This is how we earn your trust.

This is a fundamental tenet. We protect your brand by not allowing any sites in our network to have content that is:

Illegal, defamatory, or obscene
Directly related to gambling, alcohol, violence, religion, and/or politics
Otherwise overtly, suggestive, objectionable, or inappropriate

But we know that being brand-safe isn’t enough. Our network strives to be brand-friendly so that we can provide a quality environment conducive to your brand. We screen for quality on three criteria:

Site Quality. We assess each site based on rankings, reputation in the market, professionalism, visual appeal, and usability/usefulness

Content Quality. We drill down into each web page to verify content professionalism, frequency of being updated, ratio of text to graphics, engagement level with user, and relevance

Ad Placement Quality. We ensure high-impact placements by insisting on ad placements above the scroll and/or near engaging content, with little ad clutter on the page, using the most common IAB standard ad units

We classify our inventory by a standardized categorization process, and regularly conduct surveys to verify audience demographics. You know what type of sites and content your ad will be played in or next to.

We have an open site list so you can verify the appropriateness, quality, and relevance of our network for your brand. And we allow flexibility to opt-out of specific sites should you determine any to be inappropriate for your brand.