Student Enrollment Lead Generation for Universities, Schools and Educational Institutions.

Student Lead GenerationEducation lead generation helps universities, schools and other education institutions attract new students, paying only for those students, which are interested in its programs.

We help educational institutions adopt an affiliate marketing program for generating leads for new student enrollment. The institutions can choose between a Cost-per-Lead or Cost-per-Action affiliate marketing program, usually the desired action would be for a potential student to complete a enquiry form (Cost-per-Action).

Once the affiliate offer has been created alongside marketing materials, landing pages and enquiry forms our affiliate managers will contact suitable affiliates and relevant web sites within our network to begin displaying advertisements.

As the affiliates send potential students to the landing pages and enquiry forms, the students who are interested in any of the programs offered, can request more information.

The enquiry forms may also include questions regarding courses the student is searching for.

Whenever a student performs the according acton of enquiry form completion, a lead is generated and a commission is paid to the affiliate.

The educational institution can then provide information to the student through email and convince them to join their program. If the student is satisfied by the curriculum, fees and study timings then he or she can join the educational institution.

Educational institutions can avail the services of our network which will do all the homework required and take the onus of generating quality education leads.

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