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Admax Asia

Admax Asia is the leading digital ad network in Asia. With over 2,900 high quality local Asia and international websites, and the ability to reach over 76.1 million people each month, Admax Asia makes it easy for advertisers and agencies to reach their target audience in high quality digital environments.

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, or to generate direct sales, Admax has a solution to meet your needs. With over 14 targeted vertical channels, high quality content, and multiple ad formats accepted, Admax is fast becoming the ad network of choice for advertisers and agencies across Southeast Asia.

The online marketing needs of every client are unique. Fortunately, Admax is specifically designed to meet a diverse set of requirements through our wide range of solutions. We can create a customized package, be it simple or complex, to focus on your specific business objectives. We design solutions to deliver the results you specify.

We stand behind the quality of our sites, whether you’re buying a targeted channel or the entire network, you can be assured your ads are running only on quality content.

The Admax Asia Network provides advertisers with a simple and effective digital delivery system to connect with consumers. The key to our success lies in our network of more than 200 specialty-content Websites. This audience can be finely segmented – not only by demographics, but also across the more than 20 content channels served by our network or down to the individual site.